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Moony’s Marathon

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Moony Budge, Chair of the Committee, decided to do her bit to raise awareness for Save the Children and signed up to run the London Flora Marathon. Determined to get a place before her 50th birthday she squeaked in, so she asked for running shoes for Christmas. Serious training started on Boxing Day with a half mile run down the road!

Building up the distance runs became a Sunday chore along with regular training sessions at the gym. Friends, family and work colleagues gave phenomenal support and she raised over £7,000. In London her 3 children were there cheering her on at the 17th mile and knowing that the promised money would come in, if she managed to finish, kept Moony going for the last 3 miles. Weeping with effort and relief she crossed the line – slower than she wanted, but she DID IT! Being overtaken by 3 wombles ebbed her confidence a bit, but she managed to run past some Zulu warriors (so what if they were stationary for a photo shoot?). The next day Moony emerged stiffly at the Big Sale where the volunteers helping with that event continued to show their support by further donations. It was an emotional roller coaster and she hastens to say that she has no intention of running another!

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